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We offer drumming as part of a Team Building exercise.

Drum Circles at a Function or Private Party.

Drumming Performances for your entertainment.

Drum Circles and Private Tuition.

We run a Children and School Program.

Drum Sales and Repairs at competitive prices.

A Brief Overview of Djembe Drumming

The djembe drum has a great cultural heritage in Africa. It is the drum of the Mandinka people and it’s origins date back to the great Malian Empire of the 12th century. Of all the African drums the djembe is regarded as the most popular and is now found all over the world. The drums are carved from a single log, and the head covered with goatskin to provide deep thunderous low tones and crisp high tones.

The drum rhythm is performed at celebrations like weddings, harvesting of crops, initiation ceremonies and festivals. A master djembe drummer is referred to as a djembefola.

The benefits of djembe drumming are numerous, the most well-known being stress reduction. Studies have also shown that regular participation in a drum circle helps boost the immune system. What better reason to beat the drum!!

Audio recording of Raboday from our drum circle.

“The whole group enjoyed this unique experience. Once again thank you for the professional manner in which you conduct your business, it was a pleasure dealing with you and we would certainly make use of your services again in future!” – Monica Fölscher (St Helena Bay Hospice Manager)

“…EVERYONE enjoyed the drumming tremendously, it was such fun and we all liked your style.”  – Karen Becker (MW Trust)