Team Building

United in rhythm and cause!

Drumming is an ideal way to bring staff together in a fun relaxed environment as part of a Team Building exercise. It creates a unity which will remain long after the drumming is over.

To start it helps to break down barriers as everyone starts on an equal footing. The exercises and rhythms we play, although traditional, have been purposely chosen for Team Building to get the staff to interact with one another.

To create one harmonious rhythm out of many drums everyone has to listen to and beat in time with each other. This becomes even more apparent when the group is split into smaller groups each playing their own rhythm, creating one “bigger” rhythm out of many parts. This can only be done with everyone being in the present and paying attention to those around them.

What better way to release stress and create unity amongst the team than beating the drum?

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Fire Dancers

Parties and Functions

Rise to the beat of the occasion!

Drumming is a great way to bring your family and friends together for a fun-filled experience that’ll be the highlight of your Party or Function. From children’s birthday parties to weddings and product launches we will come out and provide an exhilarating experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

We use medium sized drums for our drum circles for Team Building, Parties and Functions.

All our drums are imported from Ghana and Ivory Coast and are covered with goatskin.


Put on a Show!

We also offer drumming performances to entertain your guests as they arrive at your party or function. And, for a more spectacular show why not include Fire dancers as part of the performance.

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